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Copper buckles for boots

Model : AL 7869

Professional production:

all kinds of zinc alloy shoe buckles / luggage buttons / mountaineering buttons / thousands of products for your choice.

Manufacturers directly shipped, the price has advantages, quality is guaranteed. After sales service includes product maintenance, installation instructions, compensation for damage in transit, and replacement of defective products.

Professional quality + professional services, so that customers can save more worry and more reassurance.
Packaging can be carried out according to the customer's unique (standard) requirements.

In general, our barrel plating products will be packed in PE bags directly, not exceeding 3KG per pack.

Plating products: according to clients requirements .

1. pack separately with a small PE bag. Then pack cartons .

2. the product is covered with a protective film and then packed separately with a bag.

3. use the check paper to straighten up and pack again. Then pack the carton and tie it up.

4 neatly packed with pearl cotton, then carton, straps.

Customers can choose electroplating color on their own

The colors are: white nickel, pearl nickel, chrome, gold, rose gold, imitation gold, bronzes, electrophoretic black, black nickel, and sweeping wire. It can also be environmentally friendly - nickel free lead free plating.

Roll plating color is: white nickel, black nickel, green ancient, bronze, red bronze, black ancient, dumb nickel, ancient silver (light black nickel) gold, imitation gold, shallow gold, and can also do non-toxic and environmentally friendly - nickel free electroplating

Material: copper, iron, zinc alloy,etc.
Usage: shoes, clothing, leather goods, bags, handbags, daily necessities, etc.
Packing: according to customer's requirements

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